Feel Confident
About Yourself &
Your Relationships

We offer clients clarity in mental health and life issues that block them from being all they want to be.

Overcome life's relational and mental health problems and live up to your full potential.

If one-on-one counseling isn’t right for you, please click here for digital courses by Mike Dawson.

Individual counseling can create an expectation and hope for change, empower you toward personal boundaries and see the possibilities for success and more satisfaction in life. It is change focused to help you imagine a new perspective and a different future for your life. Individuals come to counseling for a variety of reasons and to deal with many different issues.

We Specialize In:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Self worth and Self esteem
  • Personal identity – Who am I?
  • Boundaries
  • Anger
  • Recovering from abuse or trauma
  • Career issues
  • Dealing with divorce
  • Grief and loss
  • Chronic pain/illness
  • Dating, marital or other relational issues
  • Assertiveness and confidence
  • Dealing with elderly parents
  • Codependency
  • Living with an addict

About Mike Dawson

I have a method customized for individuals that is unlike anything you may have experienced in the past.
I believe your therapist should be a person you can count on not just to guide you in a trustworthy way, but that will treat you with the value and personal caring perspective you need. I work hard to connect with clients personally and create a safe environment, not a sterile non personal one. I genuinely care for people and desire for you to personally grow and thrive in your life. There is a proven path for experiencing life change. I teach time-tested strategies developed and confirmed by counseling experts and lived out by people, just like you.

Here’s Our Process

Schedule A Discovery Appointment

Call to schedule your first appointment or make an appointment online.

Assess Your Current Situation & Goals

At the first meeting, Mike will listen to understand you and your needs.

Feel Confident About Yourself

Together, we’ll determine the next steps and implement practical tools.

Why Individual Counseling?

Individual counseling is designed to help people solve a variety of problems and find solutions by learning to make changes in thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Many times finding alternatives and working through more choices available can help alleviate chaos, enhance relationships and help you feel more confident about your life.

Live Up To Your

Full Potential

Start experiencing closer relationships, a better self-image, more confidence, and feel good about your life.
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