Premarital Counseling

If one-on-one counseling isn’t right for you, please click here for digital courses by Mike Dawson.

There many good reasons for a couple to engage in pre-marital counseling including:
  • Helping you get along better after marriage.
  • Helping you get to know each other better so you can decide whether you want to marry.
  • Building communication and conflict resolution skills..
  • Building knowledge about marriage.
  • Gaining insight about accurate expectations for marriage.
Prepare-Enrich is a computerized assessment utilized for pre-marital counseling. It is an excellent relationship instrument designed to help you build a stronger and happier marriage and assesses 20 categories of relationship strengths and growth areas such as communication, conflict resolution, personality, finances, spirituality, family, sexuality, roles and parenting, and others. It also utilizes personality assessments and closeness and flexibility measures for both the couple and their family of origin.
There are two packages to choose from. Both provide for a number of pre marriage sessions to discuss your relationship and expectations using the assessment as a guide; and one session 2-3 months after your honeymoon to follow up and see how  your relationship is developing. Please call for current package pricing and details. For more information on Prepare-Enrich go to
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