Marriage Intensives

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Tried the 1-hour-a-week marriage counseling, maybe more than a few times? Feel you haven’t really gotten to the root of the marital issues? Haven’t realized the real, long term transformation your relationship needs?
Over time, couples often try to make their marriages what they have envisioned them to be, but don’t feel they reach the level of happiness they hoped for. Sometimes the relationship becomes so desperate or hopeless they are on the “last ditch effort.” When partners are in despair, crisis or the conflict has become damaging, generally a more concise and focused approach is necessary to stabilize the relationship and move couples toward making their marriage great! Yes, great marriages are a reality!

Building and Restoring Safe Marriages

The intensive format provides a compact, focused period that is free of the everyday distractions of life so relationship healing and growth can be experienced more quickly than weekly counseling sessions. The focused environment includes extended periods of counseling over multiple days in order to identify the source of relational problems around many different themes or issues.

One, Two & Half-Day Couple Intensives

Couple intensive programs are for one couple who can choose either 1 or 2 therapists; there are a number of formats that may fit your need as a couple.
The half-day intensive is a preferred method over weekly 50 minute counseling sessions. It is designed to begin the “working” stage more quickly so healing and progress toward a healthy and satisfying relationship are realized in a shorter amount of time. This generally makes the realization of hope, and more motivation for progress, come earlier in the counseling process so difficult issues can be managed and overcome. The half-day intensive is the equivalent of four regular sessions. Any regular couple counseling can be accomplished using this format.
A 1-day program is generally suggested for those who may desire to work through specific issues in one focused period. It is styled toward a couple’s specific needs and allows for more in-depth work than weekly counseling sessions.
For couples who have considerable distress in their relationship, or in crisis, a 2-day program is recommended, either with one or two counselors. The additional time is beneficial as the 2-day intensive format provides a compact, focused period that is free of the everyday distractions of life so relationship healing and growth can be experienced more quickly. Some maintenance sessions are generally necessary shortly following the intensive.
Dates for all of the couple intensives are flexible based on both the couple and the therapist(s) schedules. Times each day are generally 9:00 – 4:00 for full day; or any 4 hour block for the half day.
As in all our counseling, Faith or Biblical based intensive counseling is available. It is designed to move couples toward their Spiritual purpose and to create safe, well cared for marriages that honor God and respect one another. Our Christian orientation guides us in all of our counseling; we are nonjudgmental and do not impose our personal beliefs or values on clients.


  • Half-day 1 Therapist - $500
  • 1 Day 1 Therapist - $750
  • 1 Day 2 Therapists - $1500
  • 2 Day 1 Therapist - $1500
  • 2 Day 2 Therapists - $3000
(Pricing subject to change. Payment plans available. Price includes on-line “Couple Checkup”)
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