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Exercise & Nutrition: Coping Mechanisms for Life!

Kay Simms M.S., CSCS, HFI

Jesse James Fit Professional Trainer
Director of Training

Physical health affects how you move, look, feel and even think every day. It influences your energy as you work and play. More importantly, life and stress are much easier to handle when your body is healthy! Thus, exercise and nutrition become COPING MECHANISMS FOR LIFE!

Life is more enjoyable when you are pain free, energized, and physically capable of doing the things you love and desire to do. Whether this means reducing/eliminating blood pressure medication, improving body composition, improving your half-marathon time, or other ambitions you may have, this is my goal and passion as a personal trainer!

Making health a priority can change your life and also influence those around you. The two most important parts of physical health involve EXERCISE and NUTRITION. These two go hand-in-hand. Not fueling your body with proper nutrition negates many of the benefits of exercise and vice versa. Cardiovascular activities (running, swimming, racquetball etc) and resistance training (weights, bands, and other strength activities) will keep your heart and muscles in check. Complimenting your exercise with lean proteins (i.e. fish/chicken, low fat/nonfat dairy), complex carbohydrates (i.e. oatmeal, brown rice, whole grains), and plenty of water will assure your body gets the nutrients it needs. Understanding the needs of your body, developing habits such as visiting dentists like All On 4 Brisbane, and establishing goals is vital in order to be healthy.

Good health should be a positive experience. I would like to challenge you to live each day setting an example for both yourself and others of what a treasure health is for our whole life. At Jesse James Fit, our unique atmosphere provides the instruction and support to completely change your health for life! As a new year begins, let me encourage you to evaluate your current physical health.

Ask yourself a few questions:

1) Am I happy with my current physical state?

2) What is one specific thing about my physical health I wish was better?

3) What is one action I can take in my life to improve that specific thing?

Focus Areas for Good Health

  • Physical Activity-How active you are as you move about your day. Are you sitting at a desk or carrying boxes up stairs?
  • Exercise-This can be aerobic or anaerobic (such as resistance training). It is planned, intentional movement to challenge the cardiovascular and muscular systems.
  • Nutrition-The food you put into your body affects your body’s ability to function optimally with energy and productivity.

-Select whole foods rather than processed foods.

-Keep treats as treats, enjoying them OCCASIONALLY.

How do I Improve These?

  • Physical Activity:

-MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! If your job requires you to sit at a desk, take small breaks throughout the day to walk around and stretch out your neck and shoulders, especially.

-Make family/social time active, such as a group walk or playing Frisbee.

-Park your car as far away from your destination as possible and always take the stairs rather than the elevator.

  • Exercise: For general health (weight loss and other goals may require different guidelines)

-Pick a form of exercise you enjoy (i.e. jogging, dancing, swimming, racquetball, walking)

-Commit at least 30 minutes 5 days a week.

-Be consistent for lifelong good health.

  • Nutrition:

-Eat several small meals throughout the day.

-Incorporate lean protein (eggs, fish/chicken, low fat/non fat dairy) and complex carbohydrates (brown rice, oats, sweet potatoes).

As a professional trainer, I incorporate all these concepts, along with continual encouragement, support and accountability to help clients make LIFELONG changes. My goal is to serve every client with energy, passion, and commitment daily to lead them to happier, healthier lives. When a person comes in for training, he/she can expect an initial consultation where we discuss current health status, goals, and how my services will change their lives to achieve those goals. We also discuss the best program options for achieving goals, nutrition, and how to incorporate these lifestyle changes into their schedule. An important part of a total program includes identifying and addressing mental and physical barriers. Baseline measurements will also be taken to allow progress to be tracked weekly and provide motivation and accountability.

Following the initial consultation, I develop a customized nutrition program for achieving optimal results. Three to four half-hour or one hour training sessions per week with me are recommended for most clients’ goals. I incorporate a variety of training techniques into your program to keep it fun, fresh, and challenging to the body in order to attain the best results. Additionally, I keep in constant communication with clients outside of training sessions to provide additional support and encouragement as they walk through their journey towards better health. I support clients, emotionally, physically and spiritually becoming a part of your life, not just “that person that gets me into shape.”

In summary, good health is important for living out each day with energy at work, home, and play. It is achieved and maintained through a series of daily choices. I encourage you to evaluate your current health status and how it affects your daily life. If changes need to be made, write out a plan and put it into action. You deserve it for yourself, your family, and friends. Today is the day to be healthier and happier!

Kay Simms
Professional Trainer

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