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At Fully Living we provide Christian and traditional counseling in a supportive environment where you can come and talk through issues or problems.
Our goal is to assist clients in Flower Mound and surrounding areas in achieving solutions to your problems and experience healthy, satisfying relationships that will add meaning and purpose to your life.

We Specialize In:

  • Couples Counseling
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Anger Management
  • Self-confidence
  • Chronic Pain
  • Faith-based Counseling

Couples Counseling

We provide concepts, tools, and skill-building methods that help couples live in happy and connected relationships.

Couple Intensives
Divorce and Step-Families
Domestic violence

Individual Therapy

Are mental health or life issues holding you back? We offer clarity so you can feel confident about yourself and your relationships.

Anger Management
Grief & Loss
Chronic Pain

Christian Counseling

Gain a deeper understanding of how your God-given identity helps you live up to your full potential in every area of life.

Personal Identity
Personal Growth
Ministry Leadership
Religious Hurt/Burnout

About Mike Dawson

Mike is a caring professional who not only exhibits but teaches empathy, compassion and understanding: a must for both your therapist relationship and all other relationships in our lives. Mike spent 25 years as a corporate business professional and understands the stress and issues in real life. He has been a leader in the business environment, in social organizations and led various classes for men, women and couples. He has a personal story of long-term chronic pain and can identify with work, family, social and situational problems.

Here’s Our Process

Schedule A Discovery Appointment

Call to schedule your first appointment or make an appointment online.

Assess Your Current Situation & Goals

At the first meeting, Mike will listen to understand you and your needs.

Become A More Confident You

Together, we’ll determine the next steps and implement life-changing strategies.

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A Man’s Greatest Need: RESPECT

In all my years as a counselor, I continue to see that the differences between spouses cause us the most conflict. On the surface, we just think our spouse is being difficult on purpose. But in reality, we each have very specific needs that aren’t being met, which leads to fighting. It’s only when couples […]

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What is ‘trust’ in a marriage?

What is ‘trust’ in a marriage?

My wife, Susan, and I trust each other. Granted, she may not always be able to trust me to take out the trash, and maybe I can’t necessarily trust her to pick out a television show we both want to watch on a chill Friday night at home. But when it comes to the important […]

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Does Being in Love Come from the Brain or Heart?

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