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Are you Existing, Surviving, or Fully Living?

Life is certainly challenging!

Often we find ourselves without the capacity to meet the demands of our circumstances or find we lack the coping mechanisms and skills to deal with difficult relationships. Our goal is to assist clients in Flower Mound, Lewisville, Highland Village and surrounding areas in achieving solutions to your problems and experience healthy, satisfying relationships that will add meaning and purpose to your life.

Life is all about Relationship!

Most major human problems stem from relational distress. Our desire is to help people to find fulfillment and satisfaction in their relationship to God, themselves and others so they can live up to their full potential and enjoy life. At Fully Living we provide Christian and traditional counseling in a supportive environment where you can come and talk through issues or problems. We help couples desiring to build strong, closely connected marriages, and help individuals who need assistance in overcoming problems and distress in practical daily life.

A Different Perspective – a Challenge to Change!

Resolving most common problems requires personal development and personal growth.  When your personal and relational issues feel out of control and your efforts at healing and health are not working, it may be beneficial to seek out a counselor. Some people suffer from various issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, low self esteem, pain, inappropriate behaviors, addictions, obsessions, trauma or abuse and desire healing and freedom from these. Major life changes may also be a reason for seeking help such as marriage, divorce, remarriage, changes at work or in living conditions. People seeking more meaning, contentment and satisfaction in their lives may find answers and help in therapy.


Human beings are created with an incredible resilience. We are capable of withstanding difficulties, pain, hardship, distress without permanent damage; we have the ability to recover from, or adjust to misfortune or change. You do not have to remain where you are personally or relationally. We provide tools and support for the changes you want and need to achieve in your life, helping you stay healthy mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. “I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

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